Helping you and your children get things done, daily.

Say hello to healthy habits and structured days based on routines with Brili. An app that has helped thousands of families with ADHD discover and initiate on the power of routines!

Manage their day with just a few taps on your screen.

Fully customize their tasks, routines and rewards.

Equipped with a smart timer, they will get done on time.

Is your child struggling with daily routines and time management?

Brili Routines is an app solution developed mainly for families facing neurodiversity challenges like ADHD. It supports parent and child routine management, teamwork and habit tracking.

Start their day with confidence and energy

With Brili Routines, it’s easier to structure your child's daily routines and break them down into activities. It helps your child start into their day with less stress, get ready for school on time and lift the weight of daily chaos off their shoulders.

Keep them focused throughout the day

Brili Routines helps your child reach their goal - with guidance, reminders and visualisation of tasks and time. Keeping them on track and away from distractions free to shine their light, at school, in personal projects or with the family.

Everyone gets more free time

The best reward after a productive and fulfilling day is the time you all free up without guilt and worries. Enjoy more free time for the things you all love and conclude the day with confidence and happiness.

Do you want to create routines for your child that will actually stick?

Organize their mornings, homeschooling, chores or bedtime your own way. The results won’t lie. 


Premade and Customizable routines

Reminders to get started and keep them on track

Step by step guidance to reach their goals

Smart timer to make sure they finish on time

Visualization of time and tasks

Full customization to your individual needs

Feedback and performance date

Light and Dark mode options

About Brili

Brili has served the ADHD community for many years now and incorporated expert advice, user feedback and latest research in this app for teenagers and adults to reach one goal: Help you to start your day with less stress and lift the weight of daily chaos off your shoulders.

“After a while using Brili, I noticed my routines were becoming automatic and that led to many aspects of my life becoming much easier. I also started to use Brili in creative ways like using to help start my workday better (..). When the workday is over, Brili is instrumental in making sure that I can resume my daily structure activities like dinner and other chores.”


“I can’t even think about going to a life without Brili. It’s done so much more than save me time and motivate me. Using Brili, I feel capable for the first time. I feel I can achieve the same kind of efficiency neurotypical people naturally can. It’s boosted my confidence so much, and that’s transformed my inner emotional landscape to a much more positive one.”


“I’m a 28 year old adult using Brili and it has been AMAZING. I’m able to get to work without feeling rushed. I always woke up early and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get out of the door on times. Using Brili, I realized how often I get distracted. It keeps me on task and going at a good pace.”


“Thanks Brili team for creating an awesome app for adults with ADHD! I loved the kids version but found it had some limitations, the new app is so easy to use and navigate and is much more flexible which is helpful when you're self employed and don't have a 9-5 job like me. Brili helps me create and stick to routines so I can start my day on the right foot. It helps me remember to do the little things like picking up clothes and washing my coffee cup so they don't turn into bigger overwhelming jobs on a never ending to-do list. Brili really is a game changer and has helped me create a more balanced and happy lifestyle.”


Are you ready to get things organized and done?

Say hello to your better self with the help of Brili Routines. Start your day full of motivation and productivity. And reward yourself with new confidence about all you can accomplish.